MLS Rules

MLS Rules are the cornerstone to how MetroList Participants and Subscribers interact with the real estate data that allows the MLS system to operate equitably and with the highest level of data integrity.


The Most Asked About MLS Rules

To ensure the integrity of the MLS data and the cooperative nature of MetroList MLS, it is important that you keep this top five list of the most asked about MLS Rules close by and handy for your ongoing reference. 

This list does not replace the MLS Rules, but helps in addressing some of the most frequently asked questions.

1. Your Agent Id, Password and Lockbox Key are provided for your use only. Never share them with anyone.

2. All listings entered into the MLS must have a valid listing agreement.

3. All data entered into the MLS about your listing should be accurate, timely and meaningful.

4. Mandatory Submission of a Listing 3 Calendar Day Rule (MLS Rule 7.6)

a) Listings must be entered into the MLS; or
- Listing goes live immediately and is viewable by all.

b) Listing Waiver, signed by seller, must be submitted to the service; or
- No restrictions on marketing the property.
- Listing is withheld from MLS, Office Exclusive.
- If sold while on Waiver, listing may NOT be entered as Comparable.
- Post waiver, if listed with the MLS, the On Market Date shall equal the Listing Date. (DOM will accrue from original listing date)

c) Listing must be entered with future On Market Date.
- Absolutely no marketing of the property. (includes: Coming Soon Signs)
- On Market Date may be up to 120 days from listing date.
- Viewable by Office Only.
- When On Market Date is reached, the listing goes live immediately, is viewable by all and the Days on Market is Zero. (DOM will NOT accrue from original listing date.)

5. Report all changes in status within three (3) calendar days.


CheckIT, also referred to as Listing Data Checker, will improve data quality and consistency when listing data is entered into the MLS. The automated system monitors and notifies the user, if there is missing/inaccurate data, if selling information has been entered incorrectly, and much more.

CheckIT Benefits

✅ Automatically reviews data input at entry

✅ CheckIT against MLS Rules to help avoid any rules violations

✅ CheckIT compares entered data against county tax records

✅ CheckIT notifies listing agent and broker of the violation by email, including information about the infraction and grace periods to correct the data

✅ In the fast paced world in which we live, CheckIT offers one more level of checks and balance

✅ CheckIT delivers a better client experience and potentially reduces liability

CheckIT will significantly improve the accuracy of listing information for brokers, agents and millions of home buyers and sellers. Having this system to monitor data input will ensure continuity in the data, improve the customer experience and potentially reduce liability issues for our subscribers.

How CheckIT Works

Want to Learn Even More?

Click here for CheckIT FAQ's


MLS Rules Archive

MetroList provides an archive of MLS Rules dating back to 2010.

 Click on a link below to access the version you wish to view.