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Empowering Safety in the
Real Estate Community


The more MetroList Subscribers signup to Real Safe Agent, the safer everyone becomes!

Real Safe Agent empowers you to stay safe during showings and open houses by providing you with access to other users so you never have to go alone. If you do choose to go alone and become uncomfortable, you can use the RSA app to alert another user to join you without jeopardizing a legitimate sale.

You can build your community by having buddies as well as creating and joining safety groups.  Now your team, brokerage, or a group of friends can form safety groups to make sure that everyone goes home safe every day.

Real Safe Agent’s Agent Comfort Index will allow you to see if other agents have been uncomfortable with your prospect.

Install Real Safe Agent Today!  Use MetroList’s Enterprise Organization code: bto674

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  1. Search for “Real Safe Agent”  in the iTunes App Store or Google Play store and download the free app
  2. To activate, use the MetroList Install Code: bto674