Important Prospector Tips During The Coronavirus Health Emergency



Agent Guide To Homesnap During COVID-19

Homesnap has produced a helpful guide to using their Mobile App during the COVID-19 health emergency. The Homesnap PRO Version is provided for free to all MetroList subscribers - download the guide.


Virtual Live Streaming Open House (Add to Your Prospector MLS Listing)

Prospector MLS includes the Virtual Open House Dates option where you can add the date and time of your “Live Streaming” Virtual Open House. To add the link to “Live Stream” an open house via YouTube Live or Facebook Live, click here.


Virtual Media (Add to Your Prospector MLS Listing)

There are two locations where you can add your video's URL to your listing in Prospector MLS - Listing Information and Virtual Media Field. Click here to view the video instructions.


iBOX: Call Before Showing (CBS) Code Feature

When Call Before Showing (CBS) feature is enabled on the iBox, showing agents will need a code from the listing agent in order to open the iBox, obtain the key and show the property.  To view the instructions on How To Turn On the CBS Code and or view the instructional video.  As health orders and policies continue to be updated by the various counties served by MetroList, we encourage you to check with your local health officials on how their orders impact the listing and showing of real estate.

It is also important to check with your broker and other resources, such as your local and state associations, that have developed new forms and other information in response to COVID-19

Open Houses

In light of the health emergency, it is imperative that you speak with your home seller to determine the best course of action in holding an Open House.  If it is decided that you and/or the seller do not wish to hold the open house, please modify your settings to cancel the Open House.



As more and more people are working from home, it is important that you review and update your showing instructions in your listings.  Whatever course you take, please be reminded that the Coronavirus lives on a wide variety of surfaces for several days.  Please take every precaution necessary when showing a property.  


Putting Your Listing On Hold

You and your client may choose to temporarily suspend the listing.  If so, revise your listing in Prospector and change the status to Hold.  By taking this step, the listing is removed from active listings and the Days On Market (DOM) counter is stopped.  Once the listing is returned to an Active status, the DOM will resume from where it last stopped.

Days On Market (DOM)

In the unprecedented real estate market we are currently living, many questions have been raised regarding real estate listings. One of the issues we are asked about is Days On Market. There are several ways for you to treat your listing which will have different outcomes depending on the path you choose. However, keep in mind, the coronavirus is a worldwide pandemic and people will be talking about the impact of this moment for years to come. As you consider which path you choose on your listing, please know people will take into account the DOM for the period during the health emergency we are all experiencing.

Here are some scenarios to consider when deciding how to treat your listing:

If you decide to put your listing on HOLD, the DOM counter stops and your listing will no longer be syndicated to third party sites, IDX feeds and Public Portals.


If you decide to keep your listing ACTIVE, you have several options to choose from. In the agent remarks sections, advise other agents that they must call the listing agent to discuss showing opportunities; remove the lockbox and indicate in agent remarks that you have done so; include a link to a virtual tour as a way to further showcase your listing. As an active listing, IDX and third party sites (Zillow,, Homes, and our MetroList public sites) will continue to publish your active listings as authorized.


As the DOM has always been an important data component of the real estate selling and buying process, it is important that the integrity of system stays in place so that agents are not challenged regarding true DOM and the history of the listing. Remember, everyone is impacted by what is taking place in our region, state, country and worldwide, we must continue to ensure the home selling and buying process is open and transparent to all.